The 7 best poses for models (man)

For models, learning the poses is essential. Knowing how to pose makes the difference between taking a mediocre photo and creating a real work of art, compelling and engaging.

The pose also helps set the tone and mood of the photograph. The next time you pose for a photo, ask yourself what kind of emotion you are trying to portray.

Check out the 7 best model poses we’ve collected for you:

1 – Contrapposto

It refers to a sculptural trend originating from the ancient Greeks, which involved the pose of human figures so that their weight rests on one leg, allowing the other leg to rest with a slightly bent knee.

The idea, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, is that it gives a sculptural pose a relaxed feel, since the hips, shoulders and head can then lean organically. “The Greeks invented this formula at the beginning of the fifth century BC. as an alternative to the rigidly static pose – in which the weight is distributed equally on both legs – which had dominated the sculpture of Greek figures in previous periods ”, the definition reads.

Michelangelo’s David may be the most famous example of an opposing pose, as the biblical hero rests his weight on one of his legs and slightly extends his side.

2 – Walking around

Walking is a very natural thing so for some models the photos might come out better with this pose. For some, strolling may seem like just walking, but for models it’s something different. It is something to be done with style.

While walking, some male models will tend to strut and walk in a straight line with a tense posture, while others may walk with a relaxed and relaxed feeling – the beauty is that this peculiarity varies from model to model creating unique shades.

Make sure you know the difference between this moving pose and a normal walk. Walking can be relaxing too, but when walking, you have to show off.

3 – Hands in the pockets

Having your hands in your pockets can help show confidence and class. You can vary with hand in pocket or thumb out.

These variations depict two different emotions and can be used to depict them in the image. Whether you’re looking to show relaxation or self-confidence, having your hands in your pockets always gives you a great look.

4 – Arched arm

The bow arm pose is a great way to show off a proud and powerful look. A kind of James Bond wing pose, it’s an excellent pose for suits or jackets. Having the arm arched helps to stretch the body to cover more areas and show more detail.

5 – One leg raised

The “one leg raised” pose can be performed while sitting or standing and is the perfect way to show your figure in a pose, rather than keeping the body straight. When standing, this pose is perfect leaning against a wall.

6- Leaning

Leaning with your back, shoulder or arm against any wall can help change the look of your style and pose. Tilt can help go with the guidelines in an image, or it can help contrast lines and create a non-parallel look.

However you decide to build this pose, you’ll need to match your facial expressions with your body to make sure you’re giving a direct message.

7 -Hands and face

This pose is great for its intensity. Using your hand to help show what facial expressions may not be able to do is a great way to generate emotion.

Using your hand to cover your face in any way can be interesting. Try different poses with your hand and you will find some really fun looks. The options are endless and they all look unique in their own way, so create your own style.

All of these poses will help you become a better model over time. Keep practicing and experimenting to find what’s best for you and you’ll be on the right track.