TF (time for) photography, free tests and free photo shoots

What is TF (time for) photography?

TF photography, also called TFP or TFCD, is a free collaboration established between photographer and model aimed at the realization of a project.
The term TF stands for “Trade For” or “Time for”, or photographic interchange. The TF can also involve Make Up Artist and Stylist.

How to find a free photographer?

To create a free photo shoot you need to look for a photographer who is willing to work in time for print (TF) mode or take free tests

So is it possible to get free photo books? How can I find photographers for free?

In the free tests both the model and the photographer work for free, earning in exchange for photographs that the model can use for their portfolio.

The photographer is exchanging their photo and retouching services (which in the case of a professional can cost a lot) and the model, Make Up Artist or Stylist do the same with their professional services.

Usually in this form of exchange the photographer grants the model the right to use her shots for her portfolio, which would otherwise not be possible without the purchase of the photographs (italian law 22.04.41 n.633).

It is a fantastic form of collaboration that allows the photographer and model to practice and extend their portfolio without needing a budget to spend.

As in any form of artistic collaboration in which a professional makes his services available, respect, punctuality, fairness and dedication to work are basic requirements that must always be respected, even if the work that is taking place is “free. “

book fotografico gratis

When to make TF photography?

Every photographer and model who starts working uses the TF photo mode to make projects with a theme, try to publish their work or just practice.

This working method, excellent for beginners, is also widely used by professionals to expand their portfolio, especially in the case of creating editorials for magazines, in which they submit the work to a magazine to aim for a publication.

Even if you already have a consolidated portfolio, it is always worthwhile to pause and evaluate the various TF photography proposals that you can receive, because they can represent a good opportunity to be published in international magazines and increase your exposure.

“Time for” photography does not simply mean free photographer, but it represents a good exchange if the various collaborating parties are on the same professional / quality level, otherwise it could represent a waste of time.

Free photo tests

Similarly, the free test is a shooting opportunity made available to the photographer for a model. This formula is very common as a collaborative relationship between modeling agency and photographers.

Fashion agencies are looking for photographers to carry out free tests with the so-called “new faces”, that is the models who are on their development board.

The free test is a free shooting that aims to create images for portfolios.

Often the focus of free tests is to highlight the personality of a model, rather than photographing clothing, so it is not uncommon to find free test sessions that include close-ups, portraits and photos that enhance the physicality of the models.

fotografia TF

How to find collaborations in TF?

To find collaborations in TF it is advisable to explore the various dedicated facebook groups, specialized portals such as modelshoot, modelmayhem, litmind and the like. We occasionally look for models for TF projects, if you think you have the right requirements please contact us and leave us your details and measurements.

Free or low cost photo shoot?

How to do it, pros and cons.

We will try to explain what the photo book represents for a model and how or if it is convenient to try to build a free photo book to start working.
To start working in the fashion world as a model or model you will need:

The photo book gives you the opportunity to show your talent and participate in casting and job offers as a model, model or image girl.
Let’s be frank. Selfies taken with your phone or photos taken while you were on the beach with your friends will not be enough to make a book.

A photo book is like a “test” where there will be simulations of jobs. You have to show customers that you are able to pose at your best in different situations and you have to show how you can move within a set.

An inexpensive photo book to start with

If you can’t pay for a professional photographer, try to arrange with some trusted amateur photographers.

Even if you won’t have the chance to shoot in the studio with professional tools and with qualified make-up artists, with a little luck you should get a basic book to start with. Much better than the photos taken on your Iphone!

Always pay attention to the person with whom you decide to work, unfortunately the world of photography and models is full of pitfalls and not very serious people.

free test

But if you have the opportunity to make a book in the studio with a professional photographer, I would like to explain to you why it is much more useful to opt for this choice.

  1. Better Portfolio
    A professional photographer will be able to give a more professional cut to the images and closer to what could be that of a job done for a client
  2. Image Quality
    This point is obvious but not always obvious. Taking photos with a professional will allow you to have higher quality images. Tip: Always look at a photographer’s portfolio before relying on it.
  3. Learn
    Entering a photographic studio will give you the opportunity to learn and be guided by industry experts and begin to become familiar with what will be the basis of your work.

Invest in your modeling career

In our studio we offer a high-level professional model photo shoot at an attractive cost.

The book is suitable both for models who have to build their portfolio from scratch, and for models who already work in the fashion world and who want to improve the book.

We always prepare the shooting days in advance, carefully choosing the look and setting and we collaborate with qualified Make-up artists and stylists to obtain the best result.