Model Polaroids or snapshots in Milan

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Model Polaroids: why every model needs polaroids?

Modeling agencies and casting directors always require the polaroids or snapshots, called also digitals and not have them could cost you the job.

Learn how to capture the polaroid and when to update them. Read the advice of a photo studio with experience.

Polaroid, digital also called, are among the best friends of a model.
Whether you’re a model with years of experience or you are at a beginner and therefore without a professional portfolio, the Polaroids are the necessary step to access the best shooting and then get a better job.

The Polaroids represent a standard in the fashion industry and is therefore a good idea to include them in your portfolio, where they can be easily accessible.

The digital were previously taken with an instant camera, the Polaroid type (hence the name). Today are shot almost exclusively in digital.


Make professional snapshots in our studio

    But what they are and what represent the Polaroids?
    The Polaroids show who you are to the natural, and it is important for photographers and casting directors know how you really are, before you make up, style, lighting and photoshop.
    Customers have faith in the Polaroid. Expect to find yourself casting with the same hair, weight and overall appearance of that represented by those shots.

    These photos can be used to subscribe to job offers (in addition to the portfolio) or to submit an application to the agencies.

    How to shoot polaroids

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    How can we get a perfect set of polaroid? First of all, they must not be professional pictures (almost zero makeup, no photoshop, etc.) and show how you are before each shooting.

    Do not wear makeup and do not style your hair, you need in these photos to appear a natural look.

    Remember the following rules:

    • no make-up or hair styling
    • no retouching on the photos (yes, all right off the damn pimple that came out that day, but nothing more)
    • Photos must be in color
    • choose a simple and homogeneous background
    • use a natural light if possible

    A good time for taking photos is during the morning. Search a white background, such as a wall for example and avoid direct sunlight, the best moments are the ones with the sun partially covered by clouds.

    While some agencies, employment need very specific requirements, it is hard to go wrong if you bring the polaroid in bathing suits or underwear (very simple), but if you are not sure, feel free to clarify with the agency or the casting director. In this way the polaroid will show not only your face but also your body. It will show if you have tattoos, scars, tan lines and how easily they are masked. It’s very important for customers to know these details. For girls wearing heels is the trick that will help slim the figure and to improve the overall aesthetics of the legs.

    In general, the set of polaroid is to be achieved should be so formed:

    Close up:

    • A shot with hair collected and a second with hair down
    • 4 shots at three quarters with hair up and then down
    • 2 profile shots

    Full picture:

    • front
    • Back
    • 2 profiles

    Should they be professional pics?

    polaroid model

    If for professional photos means photos with a professional look, or perfectly clean and retouched, then the answer is no. But if we mean by professional photo quality images taken by a professional, then the answer is yes, definitely your customers will need quality pictures that represent an accurate portrayal of how you’re naturally.

    Strongly advise against taking pictures with a phone, keep the selfie for your facebook profile!

    Keep it simple

    While it is very important for a model / or have some great poses in his arsenal, this definitely is not the time to use them. You need to show the most natural pose possible, remember to breathe and relax. Not necessarily come out your best photos to the first step, take the time to relate critically pictures to get the best result and to understand what works.

    The secret to the great polaroid

    Your polas will show your weight, the color of your hair and your height, but always remember to a non-measurable quality that should appear in photographs: your attitude.

    Your character, Your Confidence (or simplicity), your elegance …. are all qualities to be shown in the shots and you try to get them out to the fullest.

    Update polaroid

    The new Polaroid should always be updated as your overall look changes. If you changed your hairstyle, you have taken or lost weight, your measurements have changed, it’s time to update your polaroid.