How to become an Influencer

The word influencer has spread widely in recent years, starting from fashion bloggers to influencer marketing. In general, we are talking about people who use social media to communicate and influence the opinion of a number of users in their circle, the so-called followers.

Influencers have fundamentally changed the way brands are marketed. In fact, the latter, instead of selling their product directly through advertising, choose to convey it through people who are able to have a more direct contact with consumers and influence their way of shopping.

how to become influencer

Since young people are the most active on digital channels, these figures, although not officially recognized, often meet among the youngest and very young who are interested in cultivating their own profitable business.

Increasingly requested by companies, the figure of influencer is living its golden age.

In this article we will talk about the following topics:

What is an influencer?

what is an influencer

An Influencer is a character capable of directing the behavior and decisions of other people, thanks to the influence he exerts on his following.

This figure is seen as an authority or an expert in his field of interest and therefore will tend to attract other fans of the same subject or his lifestyle.

The influencer is not necessarily a VIP or a public figure in the classic sense of the term, but they are often identified as ordinary people with an extraordinary ability to communicate with the masses

The issue has been taken so seriously by brands today that often behind this profession lies a strategic business project in which traditional marketing and cutting-edge digital strategies alternate.

Three different clusters of influencers can be identified. The first consists of the identified, influencers considered relevant for a brand; the second by engaged, i.e. the number of influencers with whom a substantial level of interaction with followers has been established through the sharing of posts and content and, finally, the third is composed of active influencers, i.e. the influencers directly involved in influencer marketing programs.

How do you become an influencer?

How do you become an influencer

As the popularity of this figure has grown dramatically, the sector has become very competitive at the same time, but it has also opened new avenues of collaboration with brands. Today the influencer is a universally known figure and it is also possible for micro-influencers to start creating the foundations for profitable collaborations.

But how is it done?

To be successful you need to know how to wisely mix storytelling and personal branding, to define a precise identity of the character we are building, capable of leaving a mark on the people and brands we come into contact with.

The reputation that is built over time is fundamental, in order to become credible in the eyes of other people. This will allow us over time to become a reference point to follow and listen to and at the same time companies will be able to find in you the right channel to convey their message.

It is essentially the trust that you will be able to gain over time from your followers, transforming yourself into a figure capable of moving your circle, directing their choices.

The most common sectors

The fields in which it has taken hold most are those of fashion and beauty, even if the fitness sector is also developing more and more.

Bachelor in Influencer Marketing

Since the influencer figure is now recognized as a real job, even Italian universities have organized themselves to prepare an educational offer for those who want to pursue the career of Chiara Ferragni or Mariano di Vaio. A real professional training course has therefore developed.

Today one of the universities that offers a three-year degree in this area is the e-Campus, which has included a specialized path within Communication Sciences.
These studies allow you to fundamentally learn the marketing principles that underpin the strategies used by influencers to grow and monetize their followers. The course focuses mainly on the fashion and beauty sector.

It starts by studying semiotics and the philosophy of languages, to get to computer science and the sociology of fashion. The degree program ends with a final thesis that students are required to discuss.

Another training institution that offers such a path is the Academy of Luxury, with their course in Fashion & Luxury Influencer