How to become a fitness model

Learn how to enter the world of fitness models with our guide, starting from the requirements to how to build your portfolio to develop your business.

What is a fitness model?

A fitness model is a very particular type of model, linked to the world of sports and an active and healthy lifestyle. Fit models work on their body to sculpt it and increase its muscle mass, showing it not only in a photo studio but also in the gym.

Becoming a model or a fitness model is a profession that is becoming very popular, in a competitive but booming industry like that of fitness. Fit models are becoming popular on social media, magazines and commercials of brands like Nike and Adidas.

Committing to a healthy and physical lifestyle is just one of the steps you need to take to become a professional fitness model. I will try to exhaustively cover the fit model topic by addressing one by one the steps to be taken to be successful in this world.

In this article we will talk about the following topics:

The requirements to become a fitness model

fitness model requisites

Eating clean, following a healthy lifestyle, having an athletic body are some of the key requirements of a fit model. Most fitness models have a lean, lean physique with defined muscle tone. It is also a great plus to have glowing skin, good hair and a beautiful smile.

While maintaining an athletic physique is the foundation, it’s only the first step. It is also of fundamental importance to have a predisposition to the camera, to be extroverted and sunny and above all to have a spirit of sharing to inspire and stimulate one’s followers.

The fitness model is not only observed for the type of clothing she wears, but above all for her training results (which she shares daily with followers), for what she eats and for the lifestyle she leads.

You have to take care of your appearance and always present your image at the top, whether it is to take a selfie or to create a professional photo shoot or to participate in an event.

What does a fitness model do?

How to become a fitness model

The life of a fitness model is basically divided between training in the gym, nutrition and photoshoots. The model will be able to take advantage of each of these moments to share with her followers the details of the activities she is performing.

For example, she will take advantage of the workouts to share her training routines in the weight room, or the time spent in the kitchen to describe recipes rich in proteins and macronutrients.

This will make her a perfect testimonial for example for a brand that advertises sports supplements.

The fit model, despite having some points in common, differs from the bodybuilder because she is more at ease in front of the lens of a camera and less on a stage for a competition.


To achieve a toned and muscular physique, the fitness models follow a fairly rigid diet, usually high in protein and do not fail to supplement with pre and post workout shakes with proteins, vitamins and essential minerals.

It is necessary to keep a diary of the foods consumed and be followed by a nutritionist or a qualified personal trainer who can indicate the most suitable diet for gaining lean mass and possibly removing fat.

After the gym, the kitchen is where fit models spend the most time. Take the opportunity to share tasty and healthy recipes suitable for those who play sports and like you who want to improve themselves and get results.

The challenges to be faced

Aside from the physical challenges that fitness models face on set, there are other obstacles they are constantly confronted with. Number one? Always have a body ready for the camera. Staying in shape all year round is not easy and there is constant pressure to always have your abs and stay toned and defined.

It’s not just a job, it becomes part of your entire life. Plus, trust is key, even when you know you are being judged. Awareness of the body and, above all, safety, is essential.

In addition to looking good, you must also be able to perform high intensity exercises. Most fitness models are hired because they can perform a lot of physical exercises and have enough stamina for what is required for shooting. It’s not just about having abs, it’s also about being fit and being able to move well.

And then there is the fact that as a model, you are basically a freelancer. Until some time has passed, the salary may not be consistent.

The advantages of being a fitness model

fitness models

Even though it’s hard work, the doors fitness modeling can open are many. With any luck, you can meet a lot of amazing people who work behind the scenes in the fitness industry, who can accelerate your career even allow you to venture into other forms of media, like television.

The basic advice is to take care of your body and try to remember that even if your job is to look a certain way, fitness in general is not just about aesthetics, but is a lifestyle.

More than anything, you need to jump into the fray and get started! You are already fit, pretty and toned enough you already have everything you need to get started. Don’t be afraid of rejection, it’s part of the game. If you allow a ‘no’ to stop you before you are even at the door, how can you ever expect to make it as a model?

Who are the top fitness models

Top fitness model

Here are some of the most famous and highly rated fitness models of the moment:

E alcuni modelli fitness:

How to present your image and create your portfolio

fitness photoshoot

A well-crafted fitness portfolio can open many doors to the world of fitness. Whether you need to post photos on social media or on your personal website, it is important to present your image professionally.

Your fitness portfolio should consist of professional shots that enhance your qualities as a model. You should rely on a professional photographer specialized in the sector, capable of bringing out your strengths and creating impactful images that positively affect your followers.

Once you’ve created your portfolio, it’s time to present it to the world! This aspect must also be taken into consideration and tackled with criteria. How to show the photos? Which means to use?

If we see the work of the most famous fitness models today, surely the means by which they come into contact with their customers are two:

  • Instagram. It allows you to quickly increase the number of followers and popularity, if used correctly
  • Website. It can transform followers into potential customers, because it allows you to explain in detail the services offered (eg personal training) and sell them.

How should you submit photos? In the case of websites, it is advisable to present only professional photos of your work. As for Instagram, the best strategy to have a successful profile is to have a well-curated feed, expertly mixing professional photos with more natural shots of everyday life.

It is advisable to always keep the portfolio updated, so plan your photo shoots in the best periods of your physical condition (when you are in definition for example).

Practice the fitness poses

For any type of photo shoot you face it is important to have an arsenal of poses ready to show off at the right time. It is essential for the success of a photo shoot to practice some posing!

You don’t need to know how to pose like a professional model, but practicing in front of the mirror can help a lot to gain some confidence in the lens.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different poses to make you feel more confident when you are on set.

Preparation for the fitness photoshoot

fitness photoshoot

Try to schedule the best time to make your fitness photoshoot and when you’re ready try to get ready to show the world the best version of yourself.

Remember that besides being a sportswoman you are a model! So you have to know how to balance the world of sport with everything related to the world of models. It is not enough just to be aesthetically beautiful, it also means knowing how to be in front of a camera

Becoming popular on social media

Fitness models have great potential on social media, and in particular Instagram has allowed many models to become popular quickly thanks to an impeccable feed, a lot of perseverance and promotion work and above all by cultivating a continuous relationship with their followers.

The fitness sector is booming and today following a healthy lifestyle and staying active and in shape is fashionable. Precisely for this reason, many influencers have chosen the fitness sector to increase their business. The model-fitness combination is successful from a commercial point of view and many are following this wave to gain more acclaim.

Basically there are two things that can help differentiate you from the crowd:

  • Choose a quality that makes you unique and cultivate it
  • Keep your feed professional by creating impactful images

In the gym

The weight room is the daily bread of every self-respecting fit model! Take the opportunity to take a photo or make a short video of your workout.

The most popular photos are:

  • in the mirrors of the locker rooms before entering the weight room
  • during the squat (get help from a friend)
  • at the end of the session to show the muscular “pump” of the workout
  • before-after photos with the results obtained after a period of time

Tip: you can take the opportunity to do a live on Instagram of your training.

How to find jobs in the fitness world

fitness model jobs

The number of agencies that are looking for profiles related to fitness and sports is increasing with the passage of time.

How to be discovered by an agency

The first thing you need to do to work as a fitness model (just like any other model) is to get caught. While some models participate in open calls or contact agencies directly, in other cases they follow much less traditional paths to start their careers.

Some models were discovered while they were training for a bikini contest and still others during a photo shoot. Sometimes you have to start small and work hard before you get recognized by some of the major agencies.

The most common types of work

Today, however, the greatest income that fitness models have today is linked to the following activities:

  • Selling training and coaching programs online
  • Partnership with clothing brands or supplements
  • Sponsor

Most fitness models are freelancers, they have to create and run their own business themselves.