How to be published in a magazine as a model

Did you start your career doing sessions in TF? Have you created your portfolio with shots with a wow effect?

Good! Now the last step to take to consecrate your career as a model is to get yourself published in a specialized magazine.

Publishing represents one of the most important milestones in the career of models, but it is not always easy to find the right conditions for this to happen.

Let’s see together how to simplify the publication process to have a better chance of achieving this goal!

how to be published in a magazine as a model

Today, thanks to the internet, the process of selecting and publishing images has changed and so have magazines (printed and otherwise).

But let’s start in order. The first thing to do to be published is to create a photographic project to propose.

Get the team together for your project

Depending on the complexity of the photo shoot, you will need different professional figures. The base that you can never miss is formed by:

  • Photographer
  • Make-up Artist / Hair stylist
  • Stylist / designer
  • One (you!) or more models

The team that gets together to create the work to be published usually agrees to work in TF mode.

Published models in magazines

It is important that everyone is aware of the fact that the project aims to seek publication for a magazine.

Often the photographer is the one who directs the work, because in the absence of a creative director he will also perform this function, so be careful to carefully choose who will play this crucial role.

The role of the stylist is equally important, because some magazines will select works done only with a particular type of clothing.

Make the editorial

Once the team is formed, decide on a day and a location to shoot. Plan everything very carefully and carefully.

This is the time to give it your all! While you probably won’t get paid for this job, you have to give your best. There are not many opportunities to be published, so it is necessary that everyone works without sparing themselves!

Prepare everything for publication

Usually the photographer will have signed a release for the delivery and publication of the photographic material.

Decide who will be in charge of contacting the magazines and wait …

Sometimes the publication process can take several weeks if not months, and depending on the season, the work may or may not be considered depending on the mood and the outfits chosen.

A cover letter often helps you have a better chance of being accepted.

Many magazines want material that has never been published so it is important that the photos are not shared by anyone.

The day of publication in the magazine

Now that your work is finally published, your credits will appear in the editorial of the magazine!

At this point you can finally share your work with the world. Be proud of your work and include in your portfolio the image that portrays you on the pages (or why not on the cover) of the magazine.

Another piece is finally done to make your image popular and earn you more respect in the world of fashion or show business.

Do you want to be published in an international magazine?

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