Diet for models

If we are sure of anything, it is that a model must follow a balanced and healthy diet.

Proper nutrition will help you feel fit and work better. Following a diet for models is no different from following a diet for sports or competitive activities.

Your diet is your best friend to keep you healthy – eating too much or too little can be dangerous.

Consuming foods that contain too much salt, sugar or fat is actually a risk factor for some diseases, but not eating enough results in deficiencies that can have very damaging consequences for health and well-being.

Ideally, you should eat according to your body’s needs, which are different from person to person, and what you eat should be varied to avoid deficiencies.

Dieta per modelle

Many models tend to eliminate carbohydrates from their diets: do not eliminate carbohydrates, a source of slowly absorbed sugars. In small amounts, without fat, they increase your perception of “fullness” without making you gain weight.

How to eat well during fashion week

copyright James C Santiago

As with athletes competing at the highest level, your body and mind are put to the test during Fashion Week. Stress and a tight schedule can mean that you will eat less, even if your body’s needs are greater than usual.

In this context, it is important:

Drink a lot and eat enough

Natural or slightly carbonated to avoid intestinal problems, herbal teas, tea or coffee not too strong.
Do not drink alcohol while you work and not at all if you are a minor. Alcohol increases fatigue, dulls the skin and reduces energy levels.

Beat fatigue with a light snack

To avoid hypoglycemia without risking a glycemic peak, do not hesitate to eat a light snack based on fresh or dried fruit (raisins, apricots, figs, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds …).


• If you feel thirsty, have a headache or have difficulty concentrating, beware of dehydration. You need to drink.
• If you feel dizzy, headache, perspiration, nausea, your heart beats too fast, if you tremble and feel weak, pay attention to hypoglycemia. You could eat some fresh or dried fruit …

Beyond eating well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Whether it’s due to stress or your busy schedule, it’s normal to be tired. You may feel the stage fright, the pressure of the show… Whatever the reason, never try to compensate by drinking too much coffee or smoking a cigarette, which will only have a negative effect on your physical well-being.

Instead, try breathing exercises, yoga or meditation, which will be much more beneficial, both in the short and long term.

Your health and well-being are essential. The goal is to maintain a weight and a diet that allows you to feel good and does not put your health at risk.


When you fail to provide your body with sufficient energy and nutrients (especially protein), it will draw on its reserves. Progressively warning signs of malnutrition will appear (weight loss, muscle mass loss, hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, swollen legs…).
When the body’s reserves are already low, they will quickly deplete, resulting in malnutrition.
Beyond the visible effects, in particular extreme thinness, malnutrition can cause serious complications affecting the heart, kidneys, blood circulation and resistance to infections.